Lithium Iron phosphate battery belongs to one kind of lithium batteries, so its charging method is CC/ CV mode (constant current / constant voltage). We always take Chargers which support CAN protocol and waterproof type. Because BMS could understand the battery status very well, it is easier for BMS to tell Charger how to charge, when to charge and monitor the entire charging process.

So it is better that if BMS could communicate with Charge via certain protocols like CAN BUS or RS232. Some BMS have balancing function built in, BMS can conduct charging process via charger and do cell balancing at the same time. In some UPS applications, floating charge is necessary so small constant current should be offered to lithium battery pack. this floating charge for Lithium battery is total different from floating charge for lead acid battery, which takes small pulse current to charge Lead acid batteries.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our advanced BMS (Battery Management System) has touch screen for data output and parameter set. It also contains voltage detecting wires, current sensor and temperature sensor for info collection, BMS itself has built-in SOC calculation module which support real time SOC shown. If needed, BMS can log the data into USB flash module (offered by us) and / or connected to the computer for analysis and adjustment with software we offered.

The Special Edition for electric motorcycle and light EV are available. The Ti24S (for electric motorcycle) supports battery pack which series is below than 24S (for battery pack ≤ 72V), The Ti48S (for light EV) supports battery pack which series is below than 48S. The cost of those two versions of BMS is low, because only it requires only ONE control module but not Master box with some slave boxes. They are very suitable for customers who use battery packs no more than 144V.

For low voltage application we also developed PCB (Protection Circuit Board) to protect battery packs. Our PCB use active balancing way, with built in over temperature, over charge, over discharge, over-current protection. They also support big current passing (like 300A) but no screen output. Signal output can be customized according to customer’s requirements, many of them are used for e-bike, e-scooters.

Li-ion / LiFePO4 battery pack list

Bestgo LiFePO4 battery pack

We always offer well packaged battery packs to customer and customers can use them directly after get them. Inside the battery pack the single cells are well arranged and matched with good quality BMS (battery management system) . The whole battery pack is well protected by metal case or shrink film design. For more information about battery packaging way, please visit "packaging" link.

For the performance and quality, we use single cells which are manufactured by latest manufacturing way under the automatic monitoring-feedback system. And all materials for cells are sourced from famous companies in Japan, Taiwan and China. With professional matching system, we choose the best identical cells for battery pack. Thus our battery packs have a superior consistency and are more reliable than other competitors.

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Long Lifespan and Ultra Safe Rechargeable Cell

Li-ion / LiFePO4 Pouch Cell List

Bestgo Power 10Ah Pouch Cell
LiFePO4 3.2V 10Ah pouch cells

Bestgo Power offers high quality Li-ion polymer cells for the assembly of battery packs. The pouch cells build very thin shape for heat passing and internal resistance reduction. Single cells can be made in big capacity so that the assembly of whole pack became easy as numbers of cells reduced quite a lot.

The package foil of cells is a type of aluminum and elastic fibers mixed materials which come from Japan based company (Showa). The aluminum improved the heat passing efficiency, the strong elastic fibers help foil has strong strength and good extension. If batteries meet severe damage, it may generates a lot of heat and some gas, the package foil can be blown up like a balloon but still hold them, not allow any leakage of gas or liquid, that is very nice safety design.

To enhance the high temperature reliability, we applied a unique step to send all unfinished cells into 75 degree Celsius oven for 2 hours, to force gas out and also be treat as a test for high temperature resistance. Our battery materials are nice so that they can withstand this high temperature, then we promise pouch cell made by us is no problem in high temperature condition as we specified. The electrolyte of our pouch cell is semi-solid state among plates, better than liquid type which may have leak out of cell.

While all manufacturing processes are exactly supervised by the advanced PDMS (Product Data Monitoring System), for every step in manufacturing, parameters of cells would be automatically logged and judged, if any fault cells would be mark and pick out. This system also logged the electrical properties of every cell in quality testing procedures. For battery package step, system would calculate those parameters and offer the best candidates cells for pack assembly, by this way our battery packs got a superior consistency than other competitors.

Some of those cells reached 4000+ cycles in our lab test, as 1C charge / discharge cycles in room temperature for about 2 years..

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Bestgo Li-ion polymer battery list

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Bestgo Power offers excellent energy storage solutions based on our advanced lithium ion batteries.

For cell level, we develop and manufacture advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) and Li-NCM batteries, which has high power and energy densities along with long lifespan and ultra-safe performance. For module level, we have frame structure modules and cassette structure modules which can be configured in a convenient way, modules are designed to enhance the structure reliability and simplify the installation for energy storage system. For battery pack level, we use PDMS system to select cells which has closest consistency. Cells will be assembled to battery pack with BMS built in and metal or plastic case protected. Customer could specify the detail requirements regarding cell type, dimensions, weight, voltage, capacity, constant and peak power etc. We accept customize order as an OEM service.

Li-ion Pouch cells

Li-ion Pouch cells

Bestgo Power makes high quality lithium ion batteries. We deployed fully-automatic manufacturing lines controlled by all time all steps auto feedback monitoring & adjusting system. We take high quality battery materials, eco-friendly manufacturing way, fully automated equipments and abundant safety design to ensure the reliability of cell performance. For instance the LiFePO4 materials for pouch cells come from quality suppliers which have authorization of Phostech in Canada, battery separators for high power cells come from USA and cell foils come from Japan.

Bestgo LiFePO4 cells made in 2011 have cycled 4000+ times in lab as 100%DOD test with 1C charge and discharge. The latest EV level pouch cells proven by vehicle standard in China and cells are built for battery packs which now equipped on hundreds of electric vehicles running every day.

Battery modules

Bestgo Power developed several kinds of module structures which have reliable inside structure and standard outside connections. They can be easily configured in parallel and series to reach specified voltage and capacity. The entire system will be very flexible in adjusting overall dimension, voltage and capacity. Since modules are independent components from BMS, the project can choose BMS freely as application required. Those features could save a lot of labor works in structure design and help people to focus on build entire system as they wanted.

Battery packs (OEM)

Battery packs (OEM)

Bestgo Power offer OEM service to make quantity volume battery packs according to customer requirements. For the reliable performance, we use single cells which are manufactured by the latest manufacturing way under the automatic monitoring-feedback system. All materials for cells are sourced from famous companies in Japan, Taiwan and China. With professional matching system, we can choose the best identical cells for cell pack, this make sure the superior consistency and high reliable in steady performance. For the package stage, we have patented structure methods like block type structures, cassette sheets structures and so on to build cell pack, we will design suitable battery case for cell pack with BMS built in and necessary components. The whole pack will be delivered as “ready-to-use” products with a high reliable quality.