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Bestgo Power 10Ah Pouch Cell

LiFePO4 3.2V 10Ah pouch cells

Bestgo Power offers high quality Li-ion polymer cells for the assembly of battery packs. Those kind of pouch cells could offer high power output, which are the best suitable for the large power required applications, batteries of those type are powerful, quality reliable and ultra safe, even in some extremely abuse conditions, cells could bear hard conditions and continuously offer its efforts. With in parallel config and (or) series config battery packs could increase the capacity and (or) voltage, have well designed in shape, easy for installation and replacement, they also have high consistency due to the fully automated equipments. Bestgo Power's advanced technologies can guarantee battery have high reliable quality.

For a better quality control in pouch cell manufacturing we deployed the PDMS (Product Data Monitoring System) to all production lines, for every step in manufacturing, parameters of cells would be automatically logged and judged, if any fault cells would be mark and pick out. This system also logged the electrical properties of every cell in quality testing procedures. For battery package step, system would calculate those parameters and offer the best candidates cells for pack assembly, by this way our battery packs got a superior consistency than other competitors.

Some of those cells reached 4000+ cycles in our lab test, as 1C charge / discharge cycle for about 2 years.

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Bestgo Li-ion polymer battery list

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